Private Consultations

Babywearing International of Southeastern Washington is pleased to offer private consultations. Interested? Read on!

What is a private consultation? For a private consultation, one of our educators will come to you (either in your home or another location of your choice). You will receive one-on-one instruction in using carriers you already own or in using sample carriers from our library.

Which carriers will I see? That depends on you! Prior to your consultation, your educator will discuss with your your child’s age and your wearing experience and preferences. While we cannot guarantee that particular library carriers will be available, we can provide carriers of different types to try. And we are always happy to help you with your personal carriers!

How much is a private consultation? Private consultations are $20 per hour for members and $40 per hour for non-members. We also charge a mileage fee of 57.5 cents per mile (from the educator’s home to your location).

Why aren’t private consultations free? Our organization is run on volunteer power – and our volunteer hours are precious! We do, of course, offer several free meetings a month in various locations.

Where does my fee go? Fees for private consultations go directly to BWI Southeastern Washington (not the educator) and are used to help our chapter grow. Mileage fees go to the educator to reimburse her travel.

Can I share a private consultation? Sure! Just keep in mind that our fee is per hour so each person may get less attention if there are multiple wearers present. We are happy to do private demos as well (perfect for a baby shower or similar occasion!).

Can I become a member during a consultation? Absolutely! If you choose to join BWI Southeastern Washington during your private consultation, you will be charged the member rate and may check out a library carrier at that time.

How do I request a private consultation? To schedule a private consultation, simply email us at with your interest and availability!