Who can apply?

Recently Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive awarded our chapter with 10 scholarships. But who can apply?
It’s simple. Any family with a child that has a developmental special need can apply for a scholarship for a one year membership to Babywearing International of Southeastern Washington.

The child to be worn does not have to be the child with special needs. For example, a family with a six month old infant and a ten year old diagnosed with cerebral palsy, could apply for a carrier for the six month old infant. Even though the child with special needs would not be directly using the carrier, the family can benefit from the carrier by being hands free to care for the ten year old while they are wearing their six month old.

The special need of the child does not have to be strictly physical. Lift Me Up is eager to serve families with children who have all types of developmental special needs. Babywearing is extremely beneficial to children with speech and/or social delays by putting the child amid interactions of the caregiver. Moreover, it can also fulfill the sensory needs of a child through pressure provided by the carrier, similar to a hug. Babywearing also improves vestibular system activation and body awareness due to continual motion of the caregiver. Since the child is positioned up at face level with the caregiver and the rest of the world, babywearing also offers the opportunity for socialization and learning of communicative cues.
Our goal at Lift Me Up is to serve families with children with special needs. We believe that by providing these babywearing carriers, we are benefiting not just one child, but the entire family. Visit http://www.babywearingtothrive.org/ for more information on Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive. And if your family has a child with special needs please fill out an application today!